T840 PKI Token USB Type-C

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  • SECURE MOBILE IDENTITY - The T840 is the ideal choice for mobile users that need to carry their digital identity credential at all times. The token’s embedded secure element protects against tampering, as the credential cannot be removed or lost. 
  • CERTIFICATE BASED SECURITY - The PIVKey T840 PKI USB Authentication Token is a simple solution for strong authentication. It's perfect for enterprise access control such as password management, network logon and remote network access. As a smart card token it has a high security dedicated smart card security processor on board provides a PIV (NIST FIPS SP 800-73) smart card chip in the form of a tiny USB token. Strong RSA 1024/2048 bit key.
  • WINDOWS CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY - Load PKI Certificates Using free PIVKey Windows mini driver and admin tools from PIVKey.
  • STRONG PKI - boasts a high-quality secure element with strong public key infrastructure (PKI) capabilities. Comes loaded with the PIVKey applet and a PIVKey certificate for testing.
  • SLIM & ELEGANT - Designed to be the smallest token in the PIVKey line up, the T840 is no bigger than a nickel and comes with a pre-threaded mobile sized lanyard. The smart design also ensures that users do not have the frustrating experience of losing parts (i.e., the cap of the token).